Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas, Germany, and Bye Bye Birdie!

It finally happened. I finally traced my roots back to my German origins and met the rest of the Kaufmann clan. After landing in Baden-Baden, I became acquainted with my German cousins. The rush of feeling that rose in my chest upon meeting them, is indescribable. It is a weird feeling to see people who are the same blood, for the first time. But either way it was awesome! I love Germany, my family were really really cool, and very hospitable. When thinking of Germany, the first couple of thoughts that usually pop up are beer, chocolate, meat, and beer. Let me tell you all of those things are great! Man did I love all of the food in Germany! So good. On my first full day, I was given a tour of Lahr (the providence they lived in), and was able to explore a true Germany town. That evening I was also given a tour of what my cousin called "the nucleus of the Kaufmann family", our 200 year old printing company. My great great grandfather left Germany because all of the jobs had been taken by other family members, so he had to start new in America. I have never been to a printing company but man oh man was it amazing! So big! So many machines! After our tour I was shown a printing stone etched with the Kaufmann crest, and the family tree since the birth of the company. I loved every second of it and wouldn't ask for anything else. The next day we went to a Christmas market (like the kitschy ones in the center of the mall, except awesome) And we went to France for dinner and more Christmas markets! and to finish my fantastic weekend, we went tot the local football club to watch Freiburg, unfortunately lose. But I definitely love football more now. I even got scarves for everyone so the families can show their support! Between the family pride, the sauerkraut, and the kindness of the Germans, I have never been more proud to be a Kaufmann.
Beer and sausage for football!

French Christmas market!


A typical German entree haha

A tube of mustard, A TUBE!

The crest, that I will gladly wear till the day I die.

The Drukus-Kaufmann printing company!

I basically went into a coma after the sugar overload

After WWII, if a citizen was Jewish and had to leave (due to death or just referral) stones like these were laid around. On each stone, their name is written, their date of birth, and what became of them.

Well here it comes, the end of the semester. Sorry for being so late, but I have been busy with school, etc... Between the final assessments (which might I add were worth 100% of my grade) and Christmas shopping, and final hanging out with my mates. I lost time to write this final entry! Haha, Christmas in London is a magical and fun experience. The British quite enjoy their Christmas, between Christmas markets, music and fun candies, the British love their Christmas. I must say it was an emotional moment to have the final hangout moments with my mates. Even if it was a holly jolly time. One of the coolest little Christmas traditions in England are the use of a Christmas Cracker. A Cracker is a paper thing that looks like a fire cracker, and inside are fun surprises! basically two people pull on both ends and pop! Who ever gets the larger end wins the prizes! But on a serious sadder note, my fun times, nay rather extraordinary adventure, was coming to an end. I have tried to give some sort of idea about my adventures, but words cannot give any justice to what I did and experienced. I am blessed to have such a wonderful experience, and meet such wonderful people. I could rant on and on and on about my travels but the only thing that could give life into my words, is if people go there. I can not tell you how much fun I had and how great it was. Thank You so much for the love and the support! Thank you everyone! Kaufmann out!

With the vote coming up on whether or not Britain should be independent or be apart of the EU, questions like these are all over London.

I saw this production at this Theatre!

Last time seeing drivers on the wrong side... But I will return some day, I always return.